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The Colors of Kindness

Reviews & Accolades

ALY B, ABA Therapist

The Colors of Kindness is a wonderful story that illustrates several important values such as kindness and friendship, and also provides the readers with ways in which they can practice those values themselves. My students were drawn into the book by the bright colours, cute characters and then loved reading the chorus thoughout the story. The conversation prompts at the end of the book and the downloadable book companion are great resources for continuing the learning opportunity.






The Colors of Kindness is a wonderful book that teaches kids the important values in life. A beautiful reminder to always choose kindness no matter what.


Highly recommend!


MAMA JOANN, Maia & Marga

AMBER, Active Parents Canada

The story tells the tale of Rainbow 🌈 whose colours have become dull and grey and need to be brightened with acts of kindness, inspired by her friend Panda 🐼

I like that each of Rainbow's colours is brightened with a simple act of kindness that kids of any age can perform. And showing little ones how kindness truly can brighten someone's day!

JASIN, Parently Vancouver

Such an easy read with beautiful images and a lesson on almost every page! It is such a wonderful reminder that something as simple as being kind can change someone's life and give it a little more color.

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KATHLEEN H, Teacher &

Anti-Bullying Specialist

What I really love about the book is that it helps not only with emotional literacy (the words we need to know to express ourselves), BUT also gives such easy and tangible actions to go along with it.  Many books about feelings talk just about the feelings, but aren't a guide to action - this one is!  We know that knowing our feelings is a hugely important step in managing them - this book guides kids through the emotions they need to choose kindness.  It's a gem!  I will certainly be reading it to my clients who are choosing bullying behaviour - many of whom just aren't sure what to do instead. 

Readers' Favorite

Parents are often looking for a gentle way to teach their kids virtues and The Colors of Kindness does this well. Kristen Bellamy’s short rhymes get to the essence of the virtue in a kid-friendly way. She has also included a repeated refrain throughout that will build kids' self-esteem. The Colors of Kindness is an enjoyable story that will help kids positively navigate their world...

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Owner, Chickadee Kids Company

I love children’s books that help parents initiate conversations with their children and this book is a wonderful example of that. An easy to understand concept of a rainbow whose dimmed colours become brighter with kind actions, plus a helpful parents’ guide at the end of the book providing conversation prompts to generate conversations in the home about real world acts of kindness.


Kids and parents will easily relate and be inspired by this thoughtfully creative book. The repetitive lyric throughout the book will help kids remember the meaning of kindness. A delightful read that is sure to be a favourite in many homes.


Awesome Book!  I had the pleasure of getting this book as a gift. 


My 4 year old loves it, so we often read  it again and again before sleep.  Great way to discuss the day and how to be kind. 


 I think I was most impressed when he asked to take the book in for “Show and Tell” to share with his school friends.  It was the first time he asked to bring in a book.


  Highly recommend!

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