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Free Printables

4 Seasons

Changing Trees2.png

Create a fun learning experience by talking about the changing seasons and using different colour paints, stickers, cotton balls, or other materials to complete each tree and visualize the changing seasons.

Play Doh Mats

Dough Mats.png

Encourage imaginative play and critical thinking with these imagination mats.

Includes 5 Printable Dough Mats (1 Icecream Parlour, 1 Birthday Cake,  1 Place Setting, 1 Christmas Tree, 1 Meadow).
Laminate, Use, Wash, Repeat!


iSpy .png

 Create a fun learning experience by using a magnifying glass to search for different animals, objects, letters and numbers. 


Emotions (1).png

Talk about emotions and use a clothes pin scale down the emotions, talk about each and decide how you're feeling today and why.

Read It,Write It 

Sight Words

read it trace it colour it sight words.p

Read It, Trace It, Colour It, Write It, Use It In A Sentence! 

Sight Words: A, I, THE, LIKE, SEE, CAN, THIS 

(Updated Monthly)

Alphabet Actions

Fill the Balloons

Alphabet Actions.png

Use as a fun physical activity game or movement break throughout the day to shake some sillies out!

Includes 26 Print and Cut Action Cards, each includes Upper & Lower Case letter, Underlined letter used in a word and a Visual Prompt

Balloon Dot Sticker Ad.png

Practice colour matching and pattern making by filling in the balloons.


Habitats .png

Talk about different habitats and sort animals into their proper habitats. Includes 6 Printable Habitats (Marine, Desert, Arctic, Jungle/Rainforest, Woodland, Safari scenes)
+ 30 Print & Cut Animals for sorting 

Pretend Play

Doctors Office

Pretend Play Doctors Kit.png

Laminate and use with a Dry Erase Marker to play pretend, learn about the human body, emotions and helping others. Includes 1 Check Up Form, 1 Prescription Pad, 1 Eye Exam Chart

Kindness Scavenger Hunt

Kindness Scavenger Hunt ad.png

Celebrate Kindness by checking off each item on the kindness scavenger hunt list.

Animal Yoga

Zoo Animal Yoga.png

Use as a fun physical activity game or movement break throughout the day.
To be used as 18 individual cards, to be blindly picked. Kids will see the yoga move and the corresponding animal, and perform the move while acting like the animal.

Pretend Play


Learning About


Learn About Birds Printable.png

Create a fun learning activity by categorizing the different birds and completing each bird by gluing feathers to each.

Practice colour connections.

Yes Day

Yes Day.png

Enjoy a (semi structured) YES DAY! Are you rave enough to let your kids decide what happens all day? Perfect to celebrate a birthday, start of summer vacation or just a regular Tuesday!

Sight Word Puzzles


Play restaurant and serve yummy meals to all of your family and friends!

Sight Word Puzzles (1).png

Cut each picture in 3, mix them up and match them up in this simple and fun sight word puzzle match!

Montessori Animal Match

Canadian Currency Patterns

canadian coin patterning.png

Pair with Learning Resources Canadian Currency or real coins for a fun patterning game! Great for quiet activities, math learning centres or learning about currency.

animal matching.png

Use figurine animals you have at home to match the Safari animals to the corresponding image on the sheet.

Our World Is Cool Sorting

keep our world cool printable (1).png

Teach kids about where things belong in our world - including how to recycle! 

Tally Practice

Tally Printables (1).png

Teach kids about Tally's with these 2 engaging games: Roll the dice and draw the tally + cut the squares out and match the tally to the number (open faced or as a matching game!)​


Word Match

Canadian Sight Word Match.png

A Canadian-themed, sight word matching game, based on words found in Scholastic's

'M is for Moose'. Don't have the book? Print twice, laminate and match!

Composing & Decomposing Numbers

Decomposing and Composing Numbers.png

Combine this printable with a DIY Pipecleaner & Bead Abacus to Practice different ways numbers can be composed. 

How To Make 10

how to make 10.png

Use 2-3 different colours of markers, dot stamps or stickers to fill in each row of 10 circles and explore different ways to create the number 10.

All About Me

all about me ad.png

A perfect introductory worksheet for the first week of school and great to add to the memory box!

Rhyme Time Matching Game

Rhyming Game .png

Play this simple phonics game by cutting out each visual card and having the kids say the word aloud before matching it to its rhyme.

Under the Sea

Dough Mats

Under the Sea Dough Mats.png

Play Doh has never been so fun with these printable dough mats - just laminate (or use a reusable sleeve), and add things like jewels, sticks shells etc. to create beautiful mermaids and more!

STEAM LEGO Challenge

LEGO Monthly Challenge.png

Use this list to complete a daily LEGO building challenge every day of the month! 

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