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5 Super Simple Fun Fall Ideas for Kids

The kids are back in school, the air is getting cooler and moms everywhere are sweating pumpkin spice from their pores. This could mean only one thing – Fall is officially upon us! And Fall doesn’t mean outdoor fun has to end, either.

Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate learning, art and fun into your outdoor play this Fall:


Anyone else overrun with apples from the numerous Apple Picking adventures this season? Take those apples and setup some fun (and delicious) counting activities for your preschoolers!

Apple 5-Frame

Use painters tape to create a 5 Frame and have your Preschooler place 1 apple in each frame as they count them out.

Now remove one at a time and have your Preschooler count them backwards.


Sort by Colour - lay out red green and yellow construction paper and have your Preschooler sort the apples accordingly. Count the number of apples in each set

Sort by Size, from biggest to smallest

Sort by Attribute - Apples with stems or without, apples with stickers or without


· On a sunny day start by collecting 12 river rock stones and a long stick. Use paint or marker to draw the numbers 1-12 on the rocks.

· Place a piece of playdoh on the cement and add your stick to the centre of it

· Check the time and place that numbered rock beside the shadow currently cast by the stick, fanning out the remainder of the rocks from the initial rock to form a clock face

· Check on your Sun Dial once an hour and watch as time is told by the sun!


My kids LOVE collecting stuff on our nature walks – rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers – anything they can fit in my pockets, really. These cute little frames are a great way to turn those nature walk collector items into actual pieces of art.

· Take 4 popsicle sticks and position them in a square on a piece of clear contact paper. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner to act as a hook and glue to the back of the top popsicle stick

· Arrange all of your nature collectibles into a beautiful piece of art on top of the contact paper and within the popsicle stick frame


Here’s another way to use all of those nature walk goodies! Challenge your kids to use all of their sticks, leaves, flowers, acorns and stones to create their favourite animals!


These pinatas take about 2 minutes to make and can be hung on any tree in your yard. Such a fun excuse to expend some energy outdoors and celebrate the spooky season ahead!

· First, fill a few brown bags about half way with fun fillings and twist the top of each bag to secure

· Next, cut a plastic table cloth or garbage bag in half and hang it over the filled brown bag – use ribbon to loosely secure the table cloth to the bag so it looks like a spooky ghost

· Tie the ribbon to a tree to hang and use dowels or baseball bats to knock out the treats

** As seen in BC Parent Magazine **

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