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6 Ways to Enjoy Some Outdoor Family Time This Week

With so many typical activities closed for the summer, it's important to think of other fun ways to get the kids outside and active! Take a look at these 6 simple activities to do with your kids this week.

Make a Classic Bird Feeder

This is such a simple and classic activity, but it was still fun for the whole family.

Search for a large pinecone, slather in natural peanut butter, roll in bird seed and string!

Create a Natural Fairy Garden

A natural fairy garden is a great way to introduce your kids to habitats and caring for a garden - plus they're super fun for small world play!

Fill a planter with soil and plant some wildflowers to encourage pollination! Collect natural materials, such as moss, sticks, leaves and stones to complete your fairy garden.

Plant Your Own Veggie Garden

It's so fun to watch the excitement in their eyes as they watch their own garden grow before their eyes. My 4 year old is excited to visit the garden daily, water the garden and check on what fruits and veggies have popped up over night.

Don't have a large space or a backyard of your own? No problem! Small planters do just fine for a project like this!

Visit An Outdoor Natural Tourist Attraction

Pack a picnic and head to your nearest beach or world wonder for a last minute, family adventure!

Play Classic Backyard Games

No prep. Minimal Materials. Hours of fun!

3-Legged Races. Potato Sack Races. Egg & Spoon Races. Wheelbarrow Races. Enough Said!

Explore Nature

Nature hikes are a great way to get fresh air and sneak in a little science lesson while you're at it. Collect bugs, talk about the different foliage that surrounds you, changing seasons, colours - whatever you might come across.

You never know what magical things you might find along the way!

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