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'The Colors of Kindness' Inspired Rainbow Play

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Moon Sand Rainbow Tray

Created by Sally of @mommy_sprouts

This tray is made with multicoloured, homemade, non-toxic moonsand (flour, vegetable oil and food colouring - visit her page for recipe!). She added some utensils, as well as the corresponding acts of kindness from The Colors of Kindness to complete the beautiful tray!

Rainbow Snacktivity

Created by @zandersfunfactory

Rainbow Jello is the perfect edible sensory material! Make it in all different flavours, cut it into cubes and add some forks and other utensils so the kids can play while they eat!

Fruit Loop Sand

Created by Jen of

Make Rainbow Taste-Safe "Sand" using Blended Fruitloops!

To set up the sensory bin, separate the cereal into different colours, and then blend them one at a time in a blender.

Affirmation Playdough Stamps

Created by Meg of @intentionalplayeveryday

Sweet affirmations directly from the book, created with dried pasta, hot glue and playdough! Stamp the words and then search for the matching pasta letter and push it into the playdough!

Magnetic Tile Rainbow Challenge Created by Jessie of @magneticmindsinc

Challenge your kids to create a 3D Rainbow arch that stands up right with magnetic tiles!

Rainbow Nature Scavenger Hunt

Created by Sophia of @craftymothering

Challenge your kids to find all of the colors of Rainbow in a fun nature Scavenger Hunt. Read each page, talk about the color and act of kindness, and then head outside to find that color around your yard, park or nearby forest.

Sensory Rainbow Rice Colour Match

Created by Sarah of @ecocraftkids

Use recycled paper rolls and paint to create a rainbow of colours, perfect for a fine motor skill, colour matching challenge!

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